Filipino Movies - Gagamboy - (EMBED ONLY)


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Make way for Gagamboy, a do-good crusader, defender of the poor and oppressed, protector of children, and number one enemy of Ipisman!

An accident at a pharmaceutical lab turns the mild-mannered and unassuming Junie, an ice cream vendor, into the superhero of Baranggay Acme.

Now Junie can help people like he’s always dreamed of.

But Junie finds out that being strong and admired can also have its downside –like having to deal with his greatest fears of cockroaches– and losing the trust of Liana, the only woman he loves.

Will Gagamboy conquer his fear, get the girl and win in the Baranggay Babe beauty contest?

Find out in this laugh-out-loud super comedy for the young and young at heart!

Directed by Erik Matti

Vhong Navarro
Aubrey Miles
Jay Manalo
Long Mejia
Bearwin Meily
Jenine Desiderio

Filipino Movies - Kapag Lumaban Ang Api - (EMBED ONLY)


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Too much injustice and abuse led to the lost of many lives not to mention the paid support of the police authority that drove Mr. Julio Magsalin (FPJ) to jail.

With clenched fist, he has to come back and fight not only for his family but also for the oppressed and the welfare of their well-loved Samonte Sugar Estate.

Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ)
Lorraine Schuck
Miguel Rodriguez
Paquito Diaz
Dencio Padilla

Filipino Movies - Muntik Nang Maabot Ang Langit - (EMBED ONLY)


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Ulilang lubos si Jennie na lumaki sa istriktang lola niya kasabay ang ampong lalaki na si Ben.

Sabay sila lumaki kaya halos magkapatid ang kanilang turingan.

Nang lumaki sila ay nagkaroon ng girlfriend si Ben kahit na lihim siyang umiibig kay Jennie.

Si Jennie naman ay hindi maligawan dahil sa sobrang higpit ng kanyang lola.

Hanggang sa sila ay dumalo sa isang party kung saan ang mga naganap ay nag-paiba ang kanilang buhay.

Jennifer Mendoza
Tonton Gutierrez

Filipino Movies - Oki Doki Doc - Embed Only


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Your favorite all-clean fun TV show movie version is now available in video!

Featuring the same cast from the show for all ages.

Directed by Efren Jarlego

Aga Muhlach
Claudine Barretto
Agot Isidro
Charlene Gonzales
Paolo Contis

Filipino Movies - All About Love - Embed Only


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Courage, trust and taking a risk, what's love got to do with it? Kikay (Angelica P.) and Kiko (Jason A.) grew up together in the province.

But Kikay leaves his best friend to live and study in Manila.

She tries to fit in the city but she ends up being abused by her new friends.

Kikay returns to the province with a wounded self-esteem.

There she realizes how much Kiko loves her.

But will she ever find the courage to come face to face with her own problems and admit her love for him....

Badong (Anne Curtis) earns for her family as a kutsera.

She figures in an accident involving her horse, an expensive sports car and rich guy Wesley (Luis Manzano).

But romance comes into the picture.

He shows her his true love but she refuses to believe that a rich guy could really fall for her.

Will Badong learn how to trust Wesley and tell him she really wants him in her life?...

Lia (Bea Alonzo) lost her faith in love when her fiance got another girl pregnant.

On the other hand, Eric (John Lloyd) heals himself from the death of his girlfriend.

Eric record his voice in a cassette tape and he intentionally misplaces it as a symbol of moving on.

But Lia gets the tape and is moved by the greatness of the voices love for the girl.

Lia looks for the voice to prove that true love still exists.

Unbeknownst to her, the voice she looks for lives just next door, her annoying neighbor, Eric.

Will Lia ever believe in true love again?...

Three stories of love, courage, trust and taking a risk come in one film to tell us how love touches us in countless ways.

Everything is really All About Love.

Directed by Joyce E. Bernal & Don Cuaresma

John Lloyd Cruz
Bea Alonzo
Anne Curtis
Luis Manzano
Angelica Panganiban
Jason Abalos

Filipino Movies - Ang Pagbabalik Ni Pedro Penduko - Embed Only


pinoy movies - filipino movies Pedro Penduko (Janno Gibbs) is a treasure hunter who is prophesied to be the hero who will save the world at the secong coming of Lucifero (Leo Martinez). He discovers an ancient necklace in one of his trips, which turns out to be the amulet that will give him extraordinary powers. He is brought back to the past, including his cousin Ricky (Arnel Ignacio) and jewelry collector Señor Abraham (Chiquito), in the time of the demon’s rebirth. Lucifero rises and evil reigns supreme in the old world. The battle between good and evil ensues. In the end, Pedro Penduko defeats Lucifero and he is brought back to the present as he gets reunited with girlfriend Bambi (Donita Rose).

Directed by: J. Erastheo Navoa
Cast: Janno Gibbs, Chiquito, Leo Martinez, Donita Rose, Vina Morales

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