Sunshine Cruz



This actress who has starred in a lot of movies and TB series in her career began
this very same career as a teenybopper in the now defunct teen show That's Entertainment.
Cousin to a few popular Cruz's in the industry, namely Sheryl Cruz, Donna Cruz
and Geneva Cruz, she showed that she had what it took to shine in show business
just like her cousins. Equally gifted with a wonderful set of vocal chords, she
also showed the people of Philippine show business that she too could hold her
own when it came to proving that she was indeed another Cruz that could sing.

She began her showbiz career starring in cutesy roles that paired her off with
other aspiring young stars in the movie First Time . . . Like a Virgin in 1992.
Along with her in the movie were other equally young and soon-to-be sexy stars
Jackie Forster, Karla Estrada, and Shirley Fuentes. She was also one of the original
casts of Bubble Gang when it first showed in 1995.

After a few more such teen movies, she then moved on to star in sexier roles
and she fit the role to a T since she indeed has quite a figure that would cause
men to stop and stare. This figure, plus the personality and the attitude, led
to more than one showbiz hunk courting her and becoming her beau. One such beau,
Cesar Montano , is now her husband and father to her two children. It is said
that Cesar's proposal to the talented, sexy and beautiful actress was like something
out of a romance novel, complete with a famous choir serenading them and a proposal
that was made in a church belfry. This culminated into a fairy tale wedding
that had hundreds of guests, friends from within and outside of showbiz, coming
to wish the lovely couple all the luck.

While this lovely lady may seem to have lived a charmed life full of love,
fame and success, it was actually a life that was not without intrigue. One
such rumor that seems to hound her is that controversial film her husband bought
for an undisclosed amount just to get it canned and away from the eyes of the
public. This film was said to have been too sexy for Cesar's taste and seems
to show a future politician and award-winning director's wife in bad taste.
Another intrigue that seems to keep on hounding this lass is her suffering the
rumors that her husband's affections keep on going astray. Whether or not there
is truth in these allegations, the couple seems to have weathered such problems
until now.

Despite there being a lull in her career after her semi-retirement to concentrate
on raising her kids and taking care of her husband, Sunshine is back in the
limelight, first portraying the beauty queen turned villainess Mothra in Lastikman.
She also sets to be part of the anticipated TV adaptation of the classic movie
Palos, together with Cesar Montano. This can hopefully bring back the life in
her career and stop tongues from wagging incessantly over the next problem her
marriage to Cesar seems to keep on generating.

Her first daughter with Cesar, Angeline Isabelle, was born in 2005. Also in
the same year, the lovebirds decided to renew their vows under the waters of
Thailand. They were chosen to represent the Philippines in the biggest underwater
wedding ever.