Sharon Cuneta



Raised from a rich and influential Cuneta Clan, Sharon Cuneta may not need show
biz after all. Yet, destiny made her one of the biggest stars in Philippine show
business industry. With charm, wit, and down-to-earth personality, Sharon captured
the hearts of all level of society. Extraordinary characteristics that very few
stars possess.

Born as Sharon Gamboa Cuneta on January 6, 1966, she started as a singer and
released a single titled “Mr. D.J.” The song’s simple lyrics
and easy to sing-along appeals to the listeners and hits the pop charts in 1978.
Consequently, her debut album “D.J.’s Pet” was a success.

After few more hit albums, Cuneta Sharon was paired in the movie “Dear
Heart”, to another teenager Gabby Concepcion. The movie and their tandem
broke then existing box-office records. The success opened more opportunities
for the two and was introduced to numerous movies such as “P.S. I Love
You”, “My Only Love”, and “Sa Hirap at Ginhawa”. The
real and reel romance was developed and the two got married but was annulled
few years after.

Sharon’s rags-to-riches role in movies adored more by growing fans. More
than 50 movies came after and the consecutive hits enthroned her as Philippines
“Box Office Queen” in the year 1985 to 1993.

Movies to Television

While making movies, Sharon also appears in TV shows like, “C.U.T.E.”
with her aunt Helen Gamboa, “Ok Sha!” a musical melodrama/sitcom with
Sylvia La Torre, Rowell Santiago, Yayo Aguila and Ading Fernando. She then broadens
her skills as an entertainer, co-hosting in a variety show “Germspecial”.
Her weekly exposure to TV and progressing hosting skill brought her to new heights.
She soon had her very own “The Sharon Cuneta Show” in IBC13. Through
the same show, Sharon Cuneta earned the “Best Female Variety Show Host”
for 4 years.

The Megastar

Sharon’s popularity is beyond the boundary of Philippine shores. In 1988,
she had a sell out concert at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, making her
the first Filipina to achieve it. The City Mayor later awarded her with an “Honorary
Key to the City of Los Angles”. With perpetual successes in Concerts, TV,
Movies, and Music Albums, Sharon was crowned as the Philippines “Megastar”.
Elevated her to the likes of Nora Aunor (Superstar) and Vilma Season (Star for
all Season).

In 1996, the “Megastar” took another leap as she won a “Grand
Slam” Best Actress in her movie “Madrasta”. From the award giving
bodies The Star Awards for Movies, The Film Academy of the Philippines, The
Gawad Urian, People’s Choice Award, and Filipino Academy of Movie Arts
and Sciences (FAMAS). Another “Best Actress” award was received from
The Brussels International Film Festival in 2004 for her movie “Crying

A year after, Sharon had sold out concerts in 7 parts of the United States,
subsequently releasing her new album “Sharon Sings Alcasid” under
Sony BMG. Through the years in the business, Sharon Cuneta has endorsed numerous
products from feminine wash to Telecom Company, currently holding as top endorser
in the Philippines.

She is now married to Senator Francis Pangilinan with three kids namely KC
Concepcion (child from former husband Gabby), Simone Francesca Emmanuelle (Frankie)
and Mariel Daniella Sophia (Miel).