Shaina Magdayao


Shaina MagdayaoShaina Magdayao won a part in a series at age six and hasn’t
looked back. Although she has three older sisters, it is Vina Morales (Sharon
Magdayao), singer and actress, which she has chosen to emulate. Over the years,
she has won many other roles and has tried her hand at singing—she released
a full album at the tender age of ten.


Shaina Garcia Magdayao was born to Enrique and Deanne Magdayao on November 6,
1989. Her birthplace is Quezon City, Philippines. At six, she starred in the
series “Lyra,” and was discovered soon after by the network ABS-CBN
and won roles in other series. Soon she was cast alongside other child stars
and her career took off.


Magdayao’s roles in the dramas “Kaybol,” “Lyra,” and
“Marinella” were the early fuels for her career in show business,
but after playing parts in television dramas for four years, Magdayao decided
it was time to try music. Star Records released her debut album—with the
hit single “Sayaw Sweet Lullabye—when she was just ten years old.
The video from this song was used frequently just before shows for the young
or Magdayao’s own series were aired.Over the years, Magdayao has built
a solid foundation of roles, both in television and films. Her variety and quality
of performance has earned her several awards: Best New TV Personality (Star
Awards, 1996), Best Child Performer (Parangal ng Bayan, 1999), Best Child Actress
(FAMAS, 2000), and Most Popular Child Actress Award (Guillermo Mendoza Awards,
2001).From the beginnings of her career in 1996, Magdayao has appeared or starred
in 22 television series and films, and been cast with some of the finest stars,
like Camille Prats , Serina Dalrymple, and Rayver Cruz . She has chosen, due
to this feverish schedule, to begin homeschooling instead of attending regular
classes, but she will expects to graduate on time.

Fans will see Magdayao in her next role in early 2007, in the new series “Rounin.”
Until then, they can still catch her in the “Star Magic Presents: All About
Your Love,” where she stars alongside Rayver Cruz, and the ABS-CBN show
ASAP 06.