Sandara Park



This popular young actress, originally born in Korea, has made a hit on the Philippine
screen. Her name came from a nickname of a Korean general, and her entry into
television and film acting was largely a matter of luck. Once she was discovered,
language barriers gave her some difficulty, but that did not stop her from working
hard on her skills until she was well-established as a Philippine screen and musical

Sandara Park was born in Busan, South Korea on November 12, 1984. Originally
her family was wealthy, but some family misfortunes forced her father to seek
work in the Philippines and send for his family later. Although it was a hard
time for her and her family, it would prove an auspicious move for Sandara.


In school one day in the Philippines, Sandara was encouraged by Pauleen Luna
(of then from ABS-CBN) to audition for a talent search. He made the final round,
but had difficulty with the language and was said to lack luster in her performance.
However, the judges liked her overall appeal, receiving the highest votes from
the observers. In the final rounds of text voting, she earned the highest number
of votes from the viewing audience, a record 500,000 (for females); in the final
count she was second only to Hero Angeles, and had earned somewhere around two
million votes.

After appearing in many local television spots and commercials, Park tried
her hand at recording. She released a six song collection that hit double platinum
sales after only six months, then returned to film and television appearances.
After her breakup with partner Hero Angeles, she returned to South Korea for
college and workshops, but returned to the Philippines after six months.

When Sandara Park returned, she received a less-then-cool reception—it
appeared the public had moved on to other stars and shows. However, in a national
television spot, she opened up about this and the fact that her father had abandoned
the family, leaving them with nothing. Not long afterward, she and her new boyfriend,
Joseph Bitangcol, in “D’Lucky Ones” and used her single hit “Ang
Ganda Ko” for its theme song. Regardless, she has been highly criticized
since for various reasons, including her breakup with Angeles; but she continues
to work hard at working hard, and perhaps that will help her compete against
the waves of new artists constantly rising in the Philippines.